Training – Basic: Vinna

In this course the participants are introduced to Vinna document processing platform. Starting with the installation the training covers the basic principles of Vinna, design of processes, publishing to runtime environments and managing the runtime. Using various examples, an overview of the Vinna components is given, through which users can realize their own projects.

Duration: 1,5 Days

Target audience:
– Process developers
– Administrators
– Software developers, fundamental for the development of Activities

Required prior knowledge:
Basic knowledge of Windows OS and databases

Recommended prior knowledge:
Knowledge of digital document processing

– Theoretical introduction to Vinna. Description of backend, architecture, databases, activities, system communication.
– Default Installation

– Vinna Process Editor tour:
Project, Activity, Reusable, Environment, Roles and Rights and License Management.
Document model (Custom Values, Media, Pages, …)

– Process design and introduction to activites
– Process demonstration and monitoring

Participants understand the Vinna product both conceptually and in practical application. They know which management options of the Process Editor they can use to create and configure custom projects. They are able to create and manage the processing of documents.