Document Review – Tutorial 003 – Custom Tree View

Last change: 31.07.2020

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Purpose and Use Case

This example shows how to customize the Batch Tree in Document Review. The feature is available in Document Review 2.2.6. and higher. It is possible to set a custom text as well as custom icons before or after the text independently and different for each document in a structured document tree.

What it does

As an example in a structured document tree it sets a warning icon in front of a custom text, which is the name of the document followed by its document type, and the number of fields as an image after the text for every document but the root document.


This behavior is achieved by a new method in the IGlobal interface that allows setting custom document names and icons in structured documents. Implementation equires a plugin in C# for Document Review 2.2.6. or higher.

The sample code can be downloaded from below, see the Readme.txt for CustomTreeViewDocumentValidator.