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We at Skilja form an innovative team that has been providing leading technology in the field of document understanding for more than 20 years, with a focus on business process automation. Skilja is a place of innovation, research and cutting-edge product development. Starting with the development of the first trainable document input systems with machine learning in early 2000, Skilja has since introduced and pioneered many innovations in document recognition, process automation and decision intelligence.

Document Understanding and Decision Intelligence

“Making decisions is like speaking prose – people do it all the time, knowingly or unknowingly” –

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize in Economics 2002..

Skilja is about finding ways to facilitate decisions and to make automatic decisions. Decisions need document understanding because decisions are based on the meaning of text and therefore the meaning of text must be understood.


Platform Customers


SDK Customers

Skilja means „to understand“. Understand in the meaning of Distinguish. We at Skilja help our customers to understand relevant information and distinguish them from unimportant data. Because in the daily abundance of data that is received and processed in any company it is essential to have the ability to filter and prepare data to make information driven decisions. We analyze, classify and extract information out of your data and make digital processes possible. To the point of making automatic decisions and achieving a complete automation of repetitive cognitive processes.
Skilja is a German company, which bundles the experience of more than 20 years of work in the area of document analysis, processing and understanding. Founded in January 2012 in Freiburg, Germany with the explicit goal of providing latest results of research in artificial intelligence and learning systems for the market. Here we benefit especially from our many years of combined experience in leading managing positions with international market leaders.

Do you want to learn more about how we think and what we do? We regularly publish articles and reports in our blog www.skilja.com which has in short time become one of the opinion-leading and well regarded publications in the area of digital document processing.


Services & Products We Offer

Vinna Processing Platform

Vinna is our flagship product for automating document processes. Vinna is provided in projects through the Skilja partner nertwork. Skilja does not sell directly to end customers.

Laera Cognitive Technologies

Laera is the product name for our document understanding cognitive technologies. Laera is integrated in Vinna (see above) or via Tegra available for service integration on premise or in the cloud. Please contact us if you are interested to use Tegra for your specific document recognition tasks.

Partner Network

Skilja works with Partners internationally. We take a partner relation very serious and make sure that out partners can be successful with our products integrated into their own solution. If you are already active in the document automation or RPA space and you are interested to team up with Skilja, please let us know.

Management Consulting

Skilja and the Skilja team have wealth of experience in creating innovative solutions for document automation. You are welcome to contact us so we can share our experience of >20 years om organizational and technological topics to become a digital company.

Project Support

Planning to implement a challenging document automation and recognition task using Skilja technologies? Our project support team is ready to assist you in planning and selection of the correct tool as well as helping you in the implementation.

Custom Development

In some cases standard products do not completely solve a problem. We are open to discuss custom development options with you to find out if we can create an even better solution together


Skilja Management Team

Alexander Goerke

CEO and Founder

Matthias Rabald

Head of R&D

Igor Folo

Head of Platform Development

Christian Robelski

Director of Operations

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