Skilja GmbH is focused on algorithms, applications, solutions and processes in the area of automatic document understanding. On the technology side our expertise comprises image processing, character recognition (OCR), classification and extraction methods, statistical text analysis, intelligent search, automatic decision making and many more. On the business side we are talking about process analysis, process optimization and solution consulting in which fields we master more than 20 years of experience.

These are core competencies which are available through consulting engagements or individual software development projects from Skilja.

The combination of technological expertise with many years of experience in large scale enterprise projects allows us to determine exactly the validity of technological approaches to business problems. Historically enterprise document capture has been the field where document recognition for process automation was applied. It has been proven that the introduction of this technology leads to an increase in service quality and a huge return on investment.

But meanwhile the technology can be used and is used in a multitude of other areas related to business or private productivity enhancement. Skilja is pioneering and following this development closely and is actively working in this area.

If you are interested we will be happy to get in contact with you to discuss possible cooperation and consulting services.