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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jupp Stöpetie In this post we examine the role of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) relative to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how these technologies drive Digital Transformation when combined. In part one we … Continue reading
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Imagine that you have created a powerful process for superb document automation using all kind of advanced recognition, image processing and AI technologies available. With these technologies it is possible to automate almost any document driven process that involves repetitive … Continue reading
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Medical Reports are complex documents that are written by doctors who use their specific language and style to express not only facts but also hypotheses and suggestions. They are intended to be read by other doctors or experts who have … Continue reading
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Wouldn’t it be nice if your AI enabled document processing system would continuously take the input from user interactions and use this information to improve the quality of recognition over time? And nobody would have to take care of this … Continue reading
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We are happy to announce the release our new version Vinna 2.0, the 4th Generation Document Processing Platform.Since the last major release, a year ago, we have worked hard – and a big thanks to the team – to focus on enterprise … Continue reading
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Now going into our seventh year of concentrated product development we at Skilja still are full of innovation and ideas to create something really unique. In the last few months our main subject “Artificial Intelligence” has become an absolute top … Continue reading
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Classification deals with the categorization of objects. In our process automation and digitization world, we often think of the objects as complete documents that need to be classified. Of course, it is important to understand what the type of a document is … Continue reading
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On a cold winter day in January 2012 we created Skilja – the Document Understanding Company – and incorporated it in Freiburg/Germany. Unbelievable, that 5 years have passed since then and we celebrated our 5th birthday on January, 20 2017. … Continue reading
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We are glad to introduce the latest version of our software “Vinna”. Vinna is Icelandic and means “work” and this name is self-explanatory as Vinna is a fourth generation platform for digital document processing. Vinna was presented last week at … Continue reading
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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Richard Cop from Interact Consulting Give workflows a miss: A provoking claim in the age of business process automation. Because whenever we think of the automated processing, we think in categories of how … Continue reading
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The approach to improve OCR on a given document is very similar to human capabilities of adapting their cognitive capabilities to a specific sample. Just imagine that you see a document with very difficult handwriting. In the begining you will … Continue reading
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Insurance companies always have been at the forefront of automating processes. Because they are at the source of a significant amount of traffic and correspondence with their customers that leads to repeatable processes: Claims management and Policy creation. In a … Continue reading
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We all know that our language is fluid and words can change their meaning over time. Words get extinct and new words are created but more often existing words are adapted to new circumstances. It is interesting to see how … Continue reading
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Understanding the quality of an automatic classification system is crucial for its acceptance and any attempt to improve it over time. Quality means that we need to look at errors and at the recognition rate. In classification terms these values … Continue reading
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Personal bias and individual opinions are a big issue in standardized business processing if they happen to influence the outcome of a process and the decisions made. Nobody wants to be subject to random changes in the outcome of a … Continue reading
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This is the fourth and final post on the characteristics of a good content based classifier. In previous posts we have focused on presentation of statistical results and comparison of the Skilja Classifier to a plain vanilla naïve Bayes classifier … Continue reading
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This is a situation that probably sounds familiar to you: You meet a person and you are sure that you know him/her well and that you have already seen him or her many times – but you cannot remember who … Continue reading
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A famous poem by German poet Christian Morgenstern starts with the line that probably everybody has heard once: “Die Möwen sehen alle aus, als ob sie Emma hießen” which is in the translation by Karl F. Ross: “The seagulls by their looks suggest … Continue reading
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In recent articles about classifier quality we have focused on the overall statistical results. For this we have used either the precision-recall graph or the inverted precision graph. While these are very good tools to predict the overall quality of a classification scheme and hence … Continue reading
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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Cláudio Chaves from TCG Brazil Recent advances in the auto-classification technologies – as described in this blog – have provided a substantial manual labor reduction for several companies related to physical preparation, classification and … Continue reading
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