Document Review – Tutorial 004 – Custom LookupService Plugin

Purpose and Use Case

This example shows how to create a custom lookup for the LookupService. The feature is available from Version 1.3 and higher. It is possible to load a fully customizable lookup to access data not stored in a sql or oracle database, e.g. stored in a flat file or data provided by a webservice.

What it does

The sample Plugin lookup provides the german area code. The lookup search the data for a given text and gives back all areas and their area codes that contain the text. For this lookup no constraints are regarded.


The implementation requires a plugin in C# that implements the interface IPluginRepository given in the Skilja.Romeo.LookupService.Interface assembly. The plugin will then be loaded on service startup and automatically instantiated on call. The Plugin has to provide its data in form on a QueryResponste based on the Query class. Which data is accessed and how the search is executed can be decided freely by the customer

You can download the sample code from below, see the Readme.txt for SampleLookup.