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Happy Birthday Skilja!

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Company, News

On a cold winter day in January 2012 we created Skilja – the Document Understanding Company – and incorporated it in Freiburg/Germany. Unbelievable, that 5 years have passed since then and we celebrated our 5th birthday on January, 20 2017. Happy birthday, Skilja!

The goal was from the beginning to create a unique set of software solutions to solve the task of automatic document understanding using cognitive algorithmic methods. And we were using our experience from more than 20 years of creation of innovative software products, often pioneering and paving the way to new approaches, to achieve this goal and do it better once more. The current wave of so-called intelligent software and artifical intelligence, driven by the need for digitization of business processes came our way and is exactly where Skilja is positioned in and optimally equipped to deliver on the promises made by others. Because we have a fantastic team that knows what is needed and how it is done.

Springtime @Skilja in Freiburg

In the last five years Skilja has grown to a considerable size of now 15 very skilled engineers. All of them with long experience and knowledge in document processing or other key areas like neural networks, statistical machine learning and image processing. We have a great partner network that uses our software components and solutions so our team can fully and exclusively concentrate on developing the latest and greatest additions to cognitive intelligence that are needed to streamline processes. Skilja does not market too much of this publicly – we prefer to deliver. A few glimpses and examples of what has been achieved over the last years as description of real productive projects:

  • Classification of incoming mail of one of the biggest insurance companies in Germany processing more than 100.000 documents per day with a supreme quality and unrivaled speed.
  • Complete solution for claims processing in car insurance developed together with a leading BPO that processes and evaluates claims for more than 20 insurance companies in Germany.
  • E-Mail classification of orders and complains of one of the larger online shopping platforms.
  • Automatic classification and document structuring of medical records within life insurance applications for a big insurance company, leading to a significant speed-up of their processes for underwriting.
  • Automation of car loan processing for a South-American bank using content based and ID-card classification to identify the necessary documents within a car loan and structure it – leading to a significant reduction of effort for checking a loan for validitity and completeness.News

All of these projects have been achieved by our partners and we are proud that we were able to help them to be successful and give them the competitive edge in these cases.

We are looking forward to the next 5 years, we are still innovating and still have a bag full of good ideas and projects that we enjoy working on in this time. See you in 2022!